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2010-03-21. Megastar

Hmm… I wished to sleep tight unless… I could sleep and did not thought about movies.

Megastar and what I dont like in Megastar…

Recently, I have not gone to the cinema as much as I used to, due to 3 reasons,

1- Megastar is way overcrowded and overloaded with the impolite people. They wish to go to the cinema for a nicer, more qualified and way higher-class than the other cinemas in Hanoi, or in more general speaking, in Vietnam. But see? Megastar in Hanoi, it’s full of the bullshit teenagers and even (some) welldressed but poor fish. Those people dont know how to be nice in the elevator – let the others who are going out to go out first and they, who are coming in to come in after these people have gone out! And they have no idea of being nice in the restrooms – to queue and wait for their turns. Those people also need to be nicer in the cinema rooms – bring their shits out after drinking and eating in the cinema! And this is *one of the reasons i dont want to come to Megastar…

2- So many troubles or errors (!?) while watching recently. Last week, I watched ‘Valentines’ Day’ and at the beginning, the movie was, half in the scene, half in the ceiling. It happened during 5 minutes but noone of the staff was awared of. I supposed to stand up and let them know but an other guy who sat near the door had stood up before I did. And the movie was then,ofcourse ,what it should have been!

And today I came to the cinema for ‘Legion’. During the show, the movie suddenly paused for no reasons from the scenario… The light was also turned on for a minute and then off to be back to the movie. And I thought i would feel better if i drank a little bit of water but i changed my mind when thinking of the restroom(s) after the movie (coz i will have to queue while some sexy and bully girls are fighting for it (no, it’s exaggerate!).

3- I have read this today and i think i may try Ngọc Khánh cinema, which is 200 metres from my house, less people and cheaper tickets. It was just reconstructed to be ‘nicer’ (though it looks the same outside) and have no mixed sweet and salty popcorn like Megastar… (Im kidding, a friend of mine likes salt while i prefer sweet, so we decided to buy both and mixed and it was way delicious! Anyway, he fell asleep while watching ‘Up’ movie…)  😉

Last but not least, for a long time we came to Megastar just to see the pretty sexy teen girls around, but they are more and more show-off while they have ‘no’ money (no or not much). well, it reminds me of J’s words – slumming … ‘slumming’ refers to (as he explained), someone driving an EXPENSIVE car in the streets where people are POOR.  The funny point is, he was driving in my car around the richest area in Hanoi (we were around Metropole) and he said ‘SLUMMINGGGGGG’. well, I think I was so gentle that I did not shout at him and not say, ‘GET OUT’. Anyway, he taught me a new word, ‘slumming’ (as i am explaining) refers to people who have no money but try to appear cool and rich and stylish. In short, slumming means bullshit. And for more definitions/concepts, here is a dictionary for you.

This picture Note: Remember Paper Heart that I once told you before? This is a funny picture in the movie, and it reminds me two things, movie and wedding =)) Im still in obsession of wedding… well… im sorry 😀


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