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2010-03-17. Part I – Pretty Bride

Okay, this is the wedding season, and Vnese people believe in the horoscope which says the gals at my age should get married this year ( !!!???!!!!). So, this girl is one of the girls who gets married with the guy she loves and has been in such a long long time relationship.

This girl is my closefriend from highschool. We studied in the same secondary school and same high school, but never in the same class. But for some reasons, we talked and were so compatible that sometimes our moms think we’re lesbians =)). We live in the same street and the distance is measured in some blocks. Every morning, our moms see each other at the market (for food) and they discuss how to make us under control. But we have always been the good liar for each other and our moms never know what’s going on out there, with the guys, maybe?!

And one day, she called and said, she would get married the month after that, I laughed out loud as it was obvious! And this wedding, as my little girl’s wedding, I decide to take the photos for her in my favorite style, and I believe she will love it. Unbelievable that Im not a Bridesmaid in this wedding.

So, this is my little girl and her husband’s wedding

Part 1 – I want to be a pretty Bride in your eyes


I have looked forward to this wedding for so long. I could not sleep well last night, maybe i was a little bit anxious, but yes, Im afraid of waking up late and missing something. 😀 (though the Bride and her mother were sleeping with me) and, I opened my eyes at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, … 5am, 6am and finally, 6.20 am, I woke up and ready for a long day.

6.50 am, we were at the wedding store for dress and hair & makeup

early morning, we were ready to have some powder...

It’s such a long process… but, what a Beautiful Bride, isnt she?






Hmmmm…. I never want to miss a thing, and that’s why I MUST be in this picture 😀 I thought noone would give me nice picture with the Bride today… hehe


And when we have done, we’re in a hurry to go home. This picture is taken in my car.


This is called ‘lễ xin dâu’. Trầu cau is still very important in a Vietnamese wedding.



The Bride and her nephew


I will post some more pictures tomorrow for Part 2 – You and me, together, forever…



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