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2010-02-26. Mail

When was the last time you’ve got a mail?

Last week, from Viettel

Hell no… I dont mean a bill

Last 3 weeks, from Accor

Gosh… I mean a letter, a greeting card from your friend, not a bill, newsletter or brochure…

Uhm… so… last 7 weeks, from Dallas.

Okay… sounds better, what is that?

A magazine and a greeting card. Fair enough?

ÔI TRỜI ƠI. From Dane Hoang, i see …

Before Dane Hoang, when was the letter before chi Dane?

Hmmmmm… Long time ago!

How long?

Two cards for my birthday (Oct) and a letter from… June from Bill 😀

Sounds like people prefer email/ecards?

Yes… I guesss…


Okay… so next month, i want to get a card or a mail from anyone in this world. It would be your photo, a card, a letter, or just a note, that’s fine… Just tell me how you are doing today, darling!

Your lovely picture, a funny letter or a cursing note (probably someone hates me!) would be welcome. Please send to this address:

Quach Ngoc Lan

No. 58 Ngoc Khanh Street, Ba Dinh District,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 0988086610

This is not my home address, but that’s fine, im always ready to have your mail here! Be quick!
Picture 300


2 responses »

  1. Love ur photo!!! and wait for my card soon ❤

  2. Im waiting, my girl!


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