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It does not matter if you graduate on time or late. I just care about my graduation ceremony!!! What is it?? My??? Well, as i told once, i decided to graduate late! so i will take the exams in May or June, but i dont want to miss the most memoriable of my life with my girls, and that’s why I was ‘TRƠ’ enough to come to the Graduation Ceremony, wear the Bachelor Dress and SMILEEEEE 😀

I am NOT shy though 😉 Check out my photos!!!! taken by Antoniblue 😉


“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

well… what do you think??? it seems to be a nice dress, rite??? 🙂 so keep updated with my future career!!! There’s pretty lots of great things ahead!!!


Just found this when surfing net

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

And Khanh replied pickily (as usual), “and when you play hard to get, you become hard to want..:D”

Maybe he’s rite, recently i have no sense with ‘trai đẹp’. Handsome guys are just to see, not to touch 😉 same as con gái đẹp. And i also have no sense with ‘trai tài’ coz they often think they are smart but still stupid when falling in love and flirting girls (STUPID!!!)

And I also dont like ‘zai zai’ to flirt or care about me too much. I need a little care but still ignorance 😉 it is more sexy for guys, you think so? And even the smart guy i liked, he was easily recognised when asked me a question ‘will you miss me?’ before he’s leaving a few days. Hell, when you listen to an answer like this ” Yes… no??? Yes… No??? Yes… No???? Yes…” it means that girl will miss you much and she just wants to play word before telling the truth!!!! She’s not a Smart girl though =)) coz she knows nothing about ‘expressing her feeling’ and sometimes it’s easy to lose a guy!

Im Missing you though… And you will be a stupid guy (or girl) when telling me nothing about YOU right now. CALL ME 😉


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  1. Nice blog 🙂 What an unique way of mixing vnese & english. Love ur smart humors too.

  2. Very cute…love the nerdy glasses.


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