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Journey of Miracles

Here comes the short updates of the week,

– Regional conference was awesome. I enjoyed the sightseeing trip with the AEI officers and found out they are also the shopaholic! And sadly Im shopping more than those people…

– was excited to join the Gala Dinner with Operation Smile. Thanks to Kim… well.. I cant keep myself distant from Mỹ Tâm as she’s so pretty and she sang my favorite song!!!! I was more than excited when I heard it!!! Had a picture with her with an autograph. haha.

– is planning Donate for a Date 2010. Lý Nhã Kỳ agreed to join the event! She is the Smile Ambassador of Operation Smile Vietnam. And will be a great Dater, I believe!

– just got 10M VND as the first donation for Donate for a Date next year. Im a bit ambitious now… should I make a big fundraising event to raise 10K USD? (It equals a mission oF Operation Smile!)

– Jackie Chan is in Vietnam for Operation Smile mission. Everyone may come to an auction to own a ‘Journey of Miracles’ with his autograph.

– is back to insomnia. Maybe I have to work so hard recently… gosh…

– is sitting lonely at the Noi Bai airport and looking forward to the flight to HCMC. I should have been here last night! well… that’s the only single hour that I can take a rest during the week…

– my boss (at AEI) is so sweet that she let me have a week off and text me to cheer up for the mission of Opsmile! I feel so guilty when leaving her with the stuffs of the next event at the end of the month… I will keep working online to help her though! ~~~Long week~~~

– Mom is always the one who has supported in all of my activities!!! Last night (one day before Im leaving), she came and talked to me for a while… I think she is pushing and inspiring me more in those events – which I love most. She’s busy with family business recently but I could not do anything to help (actually she did not tell so that I can focus on my social works…) I just realized that after finishing AEI, I should spend sometimes travelling with her…

– It’s time to leave this blog for the flight…


will keep updating…


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  1. Lan,

    I guess I don’t say it often enough to you, so I am just going to come out and say it: I admire what you are doing :). Keep it up.


  2. Since you just speak it out, you will have to donate 10M VND for me (at least) before June 2010!

    -lonelyplanet is missing you-


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