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Whatever starts in California, (may) ends in Texas

Time flies, my trip to the US nearly ends… My story about the trip was not updated frequently as supposed…

Mad Jeff 022

I missed home sometimes. I missed grandmoms and their voice , they are old but young and often make some fun with me…

I missed mom and dad, though my routine at home with them was not much. I want to be waked up in early morning, just to tell a story or make some fun, some advices before mom goes to work.  I want to listen to the guitar music (my dad’s favorites) in bed and look out through the window… Summer is hot and sun rises very early… Some sunrays run into my room along with the wind of summer. Leaves are playing outside and call me up. I love to enjoy the summer morning that way… gently and peacefully…

I missed Nam Anh, my little boy. He goes home every weekends and make some funny things that he just studied in the week. He laughs like life is carefree. He dances like noone is around. Sometimes he tries to butter you up by doing massage on your back, or leans on your shoulder when you say “Let’s love”. His mom and dad – my sis and bro in law – are also really funny. That’s a full house… Lovely and homely…

I missed the dogs, Quyt and Susu. I missed the food, bun, pho, mien, sweet potato (i can eat sweet potato the whole week to replace rice and watever else), and many delicious food that my mom can cook. I missed my friends who i often hung out with and talked on the phone with, Dao, Thinh, Be, Tun, Phuc. I even missed badly Jade. And missed crazily many other ones. Oh gosh. I wanted to go home.

A02 (9)

And now, when Dallas is the last destination. When i nearly come home. When every fun passes so fast. When school and work is waiting at home. I miss the US trip madly… I miss the days in San Francisco with anh Davis, John Van, Trang Dang, Matt Young and Steven. I miss the Disney Land with Thao Dinh.

I miss the DC and Delaware with Linda and the Okners. I miss Dr. Gioffre and his Chinese dinner and his clinic as well…

I miss talking on the phone with Arthur. He’s the smart guy and i love talking with him. Thailand is so far far away but still lots of things during the mission and post-mission to talk about…

I miss the ISLC with the naive high school students (naive but crazy).

I miss Babak and Alex, who are so love love love. Smile is all around! Smile!

I miss NYC with anh Quan, Lizzy, Tim and Madeleine though i did not spend much time with her (im sorry). Fun!

I miss Boston with Khanh. He’s always the one who keeps me laughing because of his picky characters (he’s picky, yes, but in a very lovely style…). Care!


I miss Philadelphia with Don. He worked with me in the mission in Thailand last year, and he was at the hospital for some surgeries. It’s nice to see him in the patient’s dress, but not the scrubs. Friends!

I miss Daisy who I was with during my time in NYC. She’s my father’s friend but so so so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. She often sings and plays the piano. She shares the stories and I love the way she is. She’s like a kid…

and I miss Steven again. He’s quiet but … i dont know… cool. Unlike the way her mother is, but another way. Peace!

A02 (157)

I miss Thu, Top and anh Quan. We talk on the phone and suddenly Thu found out, Im 22 =)) I know to think  about life now =))))). Top starts school. anh Quan is busy with work. Cousins!

I miss Huong. She leaves us for Hanoi. I miss this little sister. She has so lots of lovely questions. I dont miss Yen yet coz she’s next to me now. hehe. the twin bed. And we will see each other day by day at school. keke.

Mad Jeff 034

I will miss anh Cuong & Toet. Love!

I will miss chi Dane and Kim a lot. Dane is so busy at the clinic but she keeps caring about us, with the MCD and GPS in Dallas. hehe. Kim loves that MCD and always asks if it is about her – the pretty gal, the sexy car or the nice city! Long story!

I will miss Jeff. He studied with anh Trung, my cousin in Dallas last year. And he spends lots lots lots of time hanging out with us. (I think coz he has to write a report to Trung. haha). Anyway, i love SMU (BBQ & appearance), the swans, the gooses, the ducks, the White rock lake and the afternoon. New Friend!

I will miss all the things i experienced here, this summer. All the people i have met (even the handsome guy at the Marquees, the DONT-SMOKE guy at the S4, the FEEL-FREE-TO-EMAIL on the train, and blah blah)

especially funny shopping spree here. hehe.

Mad Jeff 007

Dallas is far.

I miss a guy.

I miss a thing.


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