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Love is the way…


UP movie

It was looked forward for so long. The only thing I love in this movie, is not the adventure with a floating house. I just love the short scenes of Carl and Ellie.  Just some sweet things and imagination with some instrumental music makes it lovely, melty and jealousy.

“You do not talk much. I like you Carl.”

And that’s the last word before all the greatest things happen. Carl and Ellie are at the church. They buy the house where they first meet and make it a real home for each other. They decorate the house with their dreams. Reading books on the seperate sofas but hand still in hand. And they have a nice day together up the hill and imagine the clouds… a baby, and babies. They can see each other’s thoughts… That’s love…

They can not have a child… Ellie is so sad but Carl persuades her to have the dreamy adventures come true. Saving coins in the glass pot. But have to spend it for the hard time… Finally, when Carl buys the tiket and gets ready to surprise Ellie, she’s gone forever… Lonely Carl in this planet… That’s life…

Tears’ going out but I can’t stop watching the movie. BUt for real, all the other part of the movie is not good enough for the excellent beginning… Loves it!


“Love is the way” by Eddie Reader is not a great song. It makes me sad.

“Love is the way you lead me”. Do you think it means “Wherever you go, I’ll be along with” ??? No, I dont think so… It would mean… “Love goes nowhere, just come and we’ll see!!!” hehe

“I suppose I am home every time I am in your company…”


I miss a thing

I miss some things

I miss lots of thingsssssssssss

I miss nothing then 😉


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  1. someone fell asleep when watching Up…


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