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A moment for tonight… (1)

Is it Love and Destiny – the answer to your existence?

I spent much time watching TV and DVDs those days to pass my insomnia. Have you ever thought about what a movie would imply? And have you ever asked someone else about this…???

I think it is fantastic to study and discover what people think and the way they analyse and reply a question.

Just answer this question in your mind, and if you feel free, tell us what you think…

1 – The First

“When you can live forever, what do you live for?” (Twighlight)

I did ask 6 people,
three answered “Love”,
one said, “live for whatever makes me happy” – “it’s just out of blue”
an other said ” I dont want to live forever” – he continues, “What hurts you most, is to see the one(s) you love dying…”
and the last one just replied ‘I dont live forever’

What do you think?

Some may agree with the 3 first guys, because they think Love is the most powerful and meaningful reason for people to live… Some others agree with the second one, cos they view more in the environment where they live when they can live forever, they still may fall in love but not too blind… , and the rest of the world, they chose the last answer and the last guy, because they are more realistic when re-affirming what is obviously existing in this life – they can not live forever.

Know what i think?

If i need someone to love, i choose the first one, because they are somehow romantic, and may give me the big surprises that I would never had with the other guys. I may rate them as my boyfriend.

The second answer, I have no comment on his. Maybe he did not consider much.

And I would like to choose the third one to share, as my closefriend, he knows how to love and may listen and give some appreciated comments/advices to me.

The last one, I would love to live with him forever (you may assume that i consider him the one who may become my husband =) – just to make more sense 😛 – it’s too early to think about getting married at the moment. hehe). You may ask why, i answer that, he knows exactly that he does not live forever, so he respect his relationships and show consideration for the moments he has with his beloveds. And… yes… I love this answer most – although i dont love this guy.

2 – The second question

What does it take to find a lost love?

A- Money

B- Luck

C- Smarts

D- Destiny

(Slumdog millionaire)

Here’s the answer of the 5 guys above

The three guys who answered ‘Love’ in the previous question:
* B and D.
* D. – “True love is destiny driven, so if it’s lost because of destiny then it can only be regained by destiny”
* (not answered yet)

The other 3 guys
* E – Love/ F- Both D and E
* D
* (not answered yet)

MCQ is actually a good way to help the reader easier to answer the question, but to some extent, i dont appreciate the MCQ, because it may limit the answer of the interviewees and sometimes i – the interviewer- may guess their answer…

I appraise the forth one when open his mind to answer this question.

Anyway, I believe in Destiny which makes the Miracles come true although how long it lasts depends on how people treat and live…

3- Last but not least

I did not ask those 6 guys this question, because i really want you all to keep it in your mind and tell me someday, when you come back to my blog…

“How often do you find the right person?” (Once)

-watching Once and finding the answer –

* Read thess books, it is fantastic – a triangle love, meaningful definition to Love
Taking it over & Love, etc.
, by Julian Barnes

Oliver used to have a theory he called Love, etc.: in other words the world divides into people for whom love is everything and the rest of life is a mere ‘etc.,’ and people who don’t value love enough and find the most exciting part of life is the ‘etc.’



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  1. Trả tiền mnh cho cu 3 đi!

  2. 1/ I meant your question is just out of the blue! Thanks to you I realized that love is not the only reason I live for.
    3/ As long as you have the faith that the miracle could happens to you more than once, you’ll find the right one.

  3. U seem to have a lot to share these days, sister 🙂
    I think i understand a message thru’ what u’ve written above, in some ways…
    Also, I need ur advice in sth…
    I wanna “discuss” with u a lot more that just typing this way is never enough —> so give me a date!
    And whatever happens, cheer up & just wanna remind u:
    (Everyday I love you – Boyzone)

  4. @Lam: a ‘rhino’ figure, is it a good prize, anh? hehe

  5. @Đào: I dont think you know the implied message

    Anyway, just call me when you need, I’ll always be there for you, sweetie…

  6. hav you answered these questions ?

  7. should i?

  8. This ‘love’ you are talking about is the way teenagers are in love, which mean it is hopelessly shallow and delusional, but it is love nevertheless.

    If love is such an important part of your life, don’t get marriage. Marriage involves routines, and routines kill passion.


  9. The 3 guys who said ‘Love’ passed the teenage for so long 😐

    I dont get marriage to save the endless love. Marriage in my mind is a close-friend of the whole life and the father of my son. Marriage requires routines. Routines help people know who they are and who they are with. Passion depends on your heart.

    Sao lc no cũng thch đối đầu mnh thế nhỉ >.<

  10. tự tin thế, c chắc đẻ được con trai khng ma ‘son’ !

  11. sak. trai gi khc nhau mấy t…

  12. đn ng c thể lấy cả một người đn b về lm vợ chỉ v một nụ cười hay một ci lm đồng tiền nhưng lấy về để trờ thnh her close-friend for the whole life th khng c đu, hoặc chỉ c ở qu thi !


  13. “chỉ c ở qu thi!” l cu của em. cấm dng k!

    cu nguyn văn của em l, “lấy vợ m lấy hiền thục nữ cng gia chnh ngồi nh chờ chồng th chỉ c ở qu thi” . sak

    em ko ni đn ng cưới vợ chỉ để become her closefriend for the whole life. It is one of millions of concepts that the world accepts including me. Cn nụ cười hay ci lm đồng tiền is the way teenagers are in love. Người ta fải suy nghĩ hng thng, hng giờ chỉ để c đủ can đảm ni cu “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” đấy anh ạ 😐 (Em xếp anh vo loại, nghĩ hng thế kỷ)


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