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What do you think a closefriend is?

It’s been long time since the last time I shared my feelings to an other. I dont think it is bad, but … in some cases it is really bad, truly.

I Say A Little Prayer
Ca sĩ: Diana King

As I did in the past, for always, people will share when they want to share. But with whom, is the problem. And today, I have the mood to share, but I think it in an other way, people will listen when they want to listen, and read when they want to read… and advise/comment when they are in the mood to share

What do you think a friend is?

I have a big circle of friends, from schools, classes, courses, blogs, pen-pals, bars and even streets. But I am rather weird (someone said that). I dont like to talk much to stranger or some other weird guys. And I dont like to make friends with people who I dont talk twice (sorry). Just two reason to explain why I dont talk for the second time. One, I dont like their behavior at first sight :D. Two, my sixth sense says I should not make friends with them.

So, it is easy for me to define ‘friend’ – Friend is the one I talk (openly) for the third time. That’s it. Remember the word OPENLY. because sometimes I must meet someone (that sucks) randomly and it was fucking bad to talk to them.

Friendship does not base on being a friend

Friendship, should be derived from knowing each other, and thinking good to each other. Someone told me that, to have a good friendship is more difficult but necessary than a relationship. Yes, that’s why I always put SOME of my friends to the first line, before writing my boyfriend’s name. (Im such a bad girlfriend, rite?)


Sometimes, it is the ‘share’ and ‘listen’. Now and then, it is the ‘understand without talk’. Often, it refers to ‘alike’. On the other hand, Closefriend is ‘hurt’ and ‘healable’. The most important, ‘trust’ and ‘honest’

Therefore, closefriend is the fusion of all those definitions

Untitled-21- Chi. em
.B.E.S.T...F.R.I.E.N.D.S by K*N*Le.

I just share things that can be shared with closefriend. However, it’s been long long time ago. coz as I said above, people share when they want to share. But, it seems that some of closefriends are so pro to understand me without a talk or perhaps with short talk.
1- ‘She’ was my closefriend, who is side-by-side with me 3 years ago. We always be side by side as twins. We have the similar bull shit favorites. No one thought we could seperate.

We hurt each other, seemed no more friendship. One day, she called and asked me to stay over at her cousin’s house with her. Then, we talked all nite, about things that had happened for months, when we were strangers.

The scar was healed…

Now, we do not have much time to talk although we still sit in the same classes, play the same games, read the same books, and live in the same districts. On the other hand, I still know what’s going on and what she thinks, for real. And she is the only one I talked when I wanted to share. Just a short talk, but she seems to understand all the things. And stand by me for always, i believe .

She – will leave me for an other new life next year. Shit! At first, I thought I would bring my pilows and blanket to her house to stay over with her – to kick her husband out of the house :D. But now, I feel so bad. What if she can not go out with us in the parties where there are so many handsome and funny guys waiting =))) . What if she must cook for dinner for her husband when I need her to cafe with. What if she can not go shopping with me because she needs to save money for her home’s future (children – what I exactly mean). What if …. Whatever if makes me want to break her damn plan !!!!

Anyway, she’s the only one, who I share my damn things now. And i also have her some little secrets (which i never know if anyone else knows). Whatever…

2- ‘He’ – is an other example of closefriend. I have so many ‘hes’ because I am weird, and not good at caring my female friends. 😉 At the moment, when I do not talk to many ‘hes’, I believe that those three ‘hes’ are always easy to talk when I want to talk 😛

– A very gentle man. Looks like Harry Potter. (sounds sweet). I hate his bad feelings with the chicks he met – very damnly. But I love to hear that he has a galfriend now. I will feel better if he gets the job he wishes in the near future 🙂 In the late night with instrumental music like this, I miss you badly… and will feel worse if you leave Hanoi (again) for the South. 😦

– Late sleeper as I am. He’s not in Vietnam. Always invisible. Only god knows where he is, how he feels and what he does. We only contact for 3 things – photos, to make sure I am fine. Go moku – for fun and challenge each other ^^. and, chat-linh-tinh, for nothing. 😉 But i miss him badly (it was two Tet ago that I hung out and talked to him – er…) If you know who you are, call me right away when you’re back, ok? You are such VIP that I can not have a date with you since then. (How xấu tính you are)

– The third, I will not write down here. No need to talk, you know what i think, rite? You’re always on my mind 🙂


Love is such
a big thing to me. Then, it will be written in the next entry, when I am ready to share 🙂



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  1. noel roi, di ngu som ma con co suc di choi, nghi~ van vo lam gie 😀

  2. :))…..nguoi ban than la nguoi chi? can nhin vao mat ban cung co’ the doc duoc ban nhu doc 1 quyen? sach…..
    ….con nguoi ban than nhat cua tao la nguoi tao ko can nhin vao mat’….:))

  3. I am happy now, we are happy now, because of the far-far-away things. I am so lucky to have you beside me and you – the one who never let me down.Beautiful girl! You are so kind to understand me. So funny to “kick my husband out of the bed” ;)) but that will come true when you come to my house;no, “our house” 😛 Love you always! Maybe i have to send you what i want to talk in another space, im afraid that the comment blank is not enough for me. Anyway, I think the VNPT company is getting poorer because of loosing the big money when we dont “buo^n” at night :))

  4. ko du kien nahn de doc blog (tao dang van ma`) 😦
    but rat glad because u appear when i am i horrible condition. and thats what true friends do. despite in MANY MANY MANY situations i Hate u that much but i have the reason that I know why we still stand by each other. my secret.

  5. yes, did i say thank you when it was you who sat next to me in that same fucking bad situation? 🙂
    and the same, sometimes I feel CRAZZZZZY about you. haha

  6. 🙂


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