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MaeTao Clinic – Nov 08

How can I forget these eyes
which are poor and unhappy
which made me melancholy and worried
which bring me a deep sadness from my heart…

Mae Tao Clinic (4)

Beside You

Ca sĩ: Tal Bachman

It was a hot day when visiting Maetao Clinic
with Dr Nee nee, Paula and Vasna

Paula, she is from America
had 5 children
She wants to adopt a Thai baby

Mae Tao Clinic (17)

This baby
He was just 4 weeks old
His mother left him at the road
without his papers…

Mae Tao Clinic (14)
Too tiny in the wool blanket
was so timid in front of strangers
with the love-thirst-eyes

Mae Tao Clinic (15)

I hold him in my arms
just wanted to warm up his heart…
although it is very hot outside
unlike the way he would feel inside…

Mae Tao Clinic (3)

Dr Nee nee asked me to adopt this child
I said no
because I am too young
and did not get married
and I need to study

She just smiled
and said
that’s ok if you want to adopt them
and im not too young

Mae Tao Clinic (9)

I said,
how can i adopt him
while i can not feed myself
(i mean i do not have my own money)

Mae Tao Clinic (13)

Paula replied,
that I may think about it later
but she could not have no love with those kids
Vasna looked at this baby
and keep on giving out a few words of comfort…
“You will be fine, my baby
You will have a better life, I promise,
You are pretty
and everyone is beside you…”

he deserved a better life
with mom and dad beside
but they (his parents) stole his happiness
because of a SELFISH and COWARD thought
for their own life

Mae Tao Clinic (7)

I wish I would do something for him…
God bless you, my boy…
I miss you much…
Your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hair…
your finger and even your yawn…

Mae Tao Clinic (12)

Mae Tao Clinic (11)

Throughout the passing years
As all the world seems ever changing
We share the smiles and tears
Of life, with love that’s so far ranging


And after all is said and done
I’ll be the one beside you
I’ll be your love and loyal friend
Until the end, beside you

Each flower bends with time
Each leaf descends with every autumn
But you and I will find
Our love won’t die or be forgotten


When you and I are grey
When youth has gone and life is dimming
I promise that I’ll stay
Beside you, like we were beginning



8 responses »

  1. 😐
    sharing a smile 🙂

  2. God will bless him 🙂

  3. my sweetheart has a beautiful mind 🙂 just like me :))

  4. so warm!
    god bless him and you, dear girl

  5. adopt a kid as soon as you can

  6. @lucky luke: sharing a smile… 🙂 …. thank you 🙂

    @lullaby: Im making a wish … 🙂

  7. Em! Anh nhắn tin lc chiều l ni thật đấy chứ ko đa đu!!!

  8. I saw your love in your eyes when you looked at him!…bless him!


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