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#2 Operation Smile……………… Sharing A Smile now

Today is the first day of Vietnam Dental Mission and also my first day of being an OS volunteer. Tired, but happy and useful–> that’s what i’m feeling now, after a long day with Vietnamese poor patients…..

Really different from my thoughts before working ,” Nothing to do except interpreting for the doctors there” . No, I was wrong. As a volunteer , i have to do everything by myself, write patients’ name, explain and guide them, run round and round to find the right place to give the best answer to them, interprete for the doctors , play with kids, persuade them to come in the ward to cure their teeth, etc., and throw the garbage away in the end, even. Phewwww….. so many things to do…..

When i played with the children, i found out many things of life. I talked to a girl there. Her name is Ha^u. She seemed to behave most boldly in speech of all. She told me about her life stories…. She used to be in the teenage athelics team. She likes it much. Unfortunately, her family’s been so poor that she couldn’t follow her dreams…. She was sent to Nguyen Viet Xuan stay-in school where she can be fed and study, where she can not meet her family frequently, where she can only talk to teachers and schoolmates…….

After that,Hau talked about a nine-year-old boy, named Lo^c. In Vietnamese, Lo^c. is bud-which needs taking care of until growing up. Lo^c. is money- which is necessary anytime, anywhere. However, the boy that i saw is not as good as his name. He is shy, timid and seems to be scared of everything in this life. He went into the ward but he didn’t agree to be cured. He went out, sat at the waiting seat and looked around. I got there, talked to him, but he never looked in my eyes. I persuaded him to let the doctors have a look at his teeth, he just shaked his head. I sat there with him in a very long time. At last, he accepted. I was really happy….. But, instead of being cured, he said to his doctor, ” I don’t have any tooth to be extracted” and he stood up, went out. I only stood there, be shocked…. and went out, neither…. After that, Hau told me, Loc is the most unlucky. Her family is really unhappy…. He has a father in law- his mother’s second husband. He always shouted at Loc, and beat him ruthlessly… Now, he scares of everything, he hardly talks, he hardly knows something of life…..He’s 9 years old but his feeling of life seems to be in the dark …..

There were many things to talk about the poor children. I am wondering what i can do for them? Today, just sharing a smile and sharing some stories. But tomorrow, will some of us-the volunteer- forget them? I don’t know exactly….. Before leaving, Hau took some photos with us…. and she asked me to get to her school to give her the photos, to play with the children and to teach them …… I often forget what i said easily…. but today, i promised to get there with my friends when i’m free and i will try to realize it as soon as possible…. I promised…..

However, is realizing what i promised, the best solution to everything???? I think no, I’m sure no, I strongly believe no….. My country is so poor….. People living there are so hard…. The poor children are often hungry , careless and illiterate…. It’s so difficult to find out the best solution…. Just thinking…. each one will have their own ways to help Vietnamese habitants….


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  1. Oi that la cham chi va nhan ai day

  2. Lan, your story touched my heart. That’s the same way I felt when I first work in a mission, and up to now…When we give out something, one way or another, we will get back some thing…just like Love, care and SMILE

  3. Yesterday was also my first time of being an Operation Smile volunteer and it impressed me much.I couldn’t forget a smile and an innocent eyes of children from Nguyen Viet Xuan school.

  4. Puffy(^_^)Dady(^o^)

    tired of reading…me. oi con ho.c reading tre^n lop da~ bu`n ngu? la’m rui`…me. lai la`m 1 ba`i reading dai` ngoa`ng o da^y nua~ hu hu hu hu…u’ choi vo’i me. nu~a

  5. ♥♥(¯`sammi´¯)♥♥

    doc met wa Quach oi…tao doc co 1 nua da ngoeo? roai…ko du suc doc tiep…

  6. ♥*♥Sun♥Flower♥*♥

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